Key Features

Track Progress

Monitor feedings, sleeping, diapers and growth milestones at all stages of your baby's development.


Engage Caregivers

Let your loved ones assist with tracking daily activities.


Keep Doctors in the Loop

Have important medical information ready in real-time for visits with your doctor.


Access a Comprehensive Library

Navigate through evidence-based content for each milestone and activities to support your baby’s development.

Capture Moments

Celebrate all your baby's milestones and special moments with a unique photo timeline and share with your loved ones.

Manage Multiple Baby Profiles

Track development of one baby or add siblings. Keep each baby's information separate and organized.

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    Dr. Phedias Diamandis


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    Dr. Nardin Samuel

    Resident Neurosurgeon

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    Dr. Michael Papaioannou

    PhD Data Scientist

Created by Experts

Marble combines technological advances in artificial intelligence with the expertise of medical doctors to equip you with an entirely unique approach to track and optimize your child's development.

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